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DavidoffOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Diademas Finas
Size : 6 3/14″ x 50 ring gauge
Wrapper : Cuban seed from Ecuador
Binder : Olor Seco from Dominican Republic
Filler : Piloto Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Ligero, Hybrid Corojo/Olor Ligero and San Vicente Visus tobaccos from Dominican Republic

Price :P rice : ~ € 30 / $ 35.5
More info about purchasing Davidoff Nicaragua cigars…

Draw : 5 out of 6 stars
Burn : 5 out of 6 stars
Flavour : 4.5 out of 6 stars
Aroma : 5 out of 6 stars
strength : 4.5 out of 6 stars

When I bumped into Davidoff Of London I was very excited to direct myself to the new Davidoff 50th anniversary. I almost never smoke new world cigars but when you talk about Davidoff 50th anniversary you tell yourself about what was happening 50 years go. When in 1968 the genius Zino Davidoff started his journey with an amazing Cuban Chapter.

Cigar Tasting

What a beautiful jar Davidoff has produced. Just for the history of such a wonderful brand and the design of it I would buy it for my collection.

But the most important is the taste of it.

I am already very please with the Diademas Finas shape that we already enjoyed in special releases from Davidoff.
This medium long and elegant shaped double figurados wears the classic Davidoff of Geneva band and a stunning golden one indicating the 50th anniversary release.

The aspect and the visual of the Davidoff Diademas Finas is extremely appealing. The excitement builds up so much.

First Part

The first few puffs are to me the typical Davidoff Dominican Republic taste, very soft, very light, not much flavours to the blend. Slight dry feeling and saltiness. Few hints a sweet chocolate but this back bitterness that really strikes me and remind me this is a new world cigar.

The whole first part was to me below my expectation, I loved the Davidoff Art Edition 2017 so I know how great Davidoff can be. But so far this is a good Dominican cigar without much development and complexity.

Second Part

This was almost unexpected, the Davidoff Diademas Finas changed completely from the first part and all of a sudden a whole new flavour profile comes up. Reach, sweet, chewy with a great long finish. This great roasted nuts reminding you of aged Cuban Bolivar.
It is clearly another dimension than the first part, great velvety texture, medium to full strength and great long and sweet finish.

As I was mentioning above, we know the very special release of Davidoff can be very special, we all remember the review of Andre from Sweden to the Davidoff Royal Release Salamones . However the Royal Release price point is extremely high and even though the Diademas Finas still is expensive, can be enjoyed for 35USD for a special occasion

Third Part

For the very first time I was very impressed and confused on the complexity this cigar develops. We tend to get used to cigars that are pretty linear in the new world range. This blend really brings you three different parts and the last one builds up in intensity and flavours with great nuttiness and amazing texture on the palate. The vegetal feeling you can have in the back of the tongue in the new world cigars is not present at all.

I can’t wait to see more of this kind of cigars. It requires you to be patient and go through the first less interesting part to open a door to a great complex smoke.

Cigar Review – Davidoff Diademas Finas 50th Anniversary

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Juan LopezOrigin : Cuba
Format : Montesco
Size : 130mm X 55
Ring : 55
Released in : 2018
Price : ~18 EUR each
More info about purchasing Juan Lopez cigars…

Cigar Rating

Draw : 5 out of 6 stars
Burn : 4.5 out of 6 stars
Flavour : 4 out of 6 stars
Aroma : 3 out of 6 stars
strength : 3 out of 6 stars

Juan López is an old cigar brand in Cuba, dating back to somewhere around 1870, but it is not a very well-known brand. There are three regular production sizes: the Petit Corona, the Selección No. 1, and the Selección No. 2. Until 2006, Juan López also manufactured the Panatelas Superba and a Corona. In the recent years, Juan Lopez was mostly known for its regional editions, and we’ve reviewed quite a few of them on the blog: the Don Juan (Benelux, 2014), the Seleccion No. 3 (Benelux, 2010), the Maximo (Switzerland, 2008), the Short Torpedo (Caribbean, 2008), the Ideales (Austria 2011)…

Today I am excited to share with you the latest of all, the Juan Lopez Punto 55 Exclusivo Francia. This 2018 release is a montesco format and best known as the Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill size.

Cigar Tasting

As I just lit the Juan Lopez Punto 55, the density of smoke was very big. A great thick smoke would come out and made it nice straight away.
It is always exciting to try new cigars but also always scary that it would not meet the personal expectation you have.

The first part was very fresh (too fresh?), flavours were green with a very dry feeling on the palate and a very high acidity level giving you this feeling of citrus notes.
You can feel the aromatic blend however this latter is hidden by a canopy of ammonia and a bitter touch to the overall feeling.

The burn started funny but went well very quickly. The cigar develops the right resistance needed to the draw and the strength is very strong.

So far the Juan Lopez Punto 55 is like a young racing horse, going crazy all around but lack balance and wisdom. I’d rather have this kind of first feeling than having a flat cigar. A flat cigar just being released is never very exciting when it comes to the question: Should I buy boxes to wait for the cigar to get better ?
In our case right now, even though it is not the greatest cigar of all time it is clearly a smoke that can only get rounder and smoother.

The second and last part of the Juan Lopez Punto 55 were the exact opposite of the first part. I am not sure if I would have smoked the whole cigar if the flavour profile would not have changed because of the acidity the bitterness and the strength experienced previously.
However all of a sudden I was enjoying a light strength cigar reminding me of Hoyo de Monterrey .

Very soft, silky texture, gentle herbal notes and very high density of smoke. It made it just so smooth and delicate up to the end. Nothing complex just an easy cigar with discreet flavours. Not your most flavours some light Habanos. The complete opposite of the first part. Very surprising.

I now look forward to reading your reviews on this new release and will taste one more in the coming weeks to see if that particular one was like this or not.

Cigar Review – Juan Lopez Punto 55 (Regional Edition Francia)

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Origin : CubaSan Cristobal de la Habana
Format : Torpedo
Size : 140 x 20.64 mm (5.5 x 52)
Ring : 52
Price : ~$12 each
More info about purchasing San Cristobal de la Habana cigars…

Cigar Rating

Draw : 5 out of 6 stars
Burn : 5 out of 6 stars
Flavour : 4 out of 6 stars
Aroma : 4 out of 6 stars
strength : 5 out of 6 stars

Introduction From the Inspector
When we received the email from Ago with his cigar review, we were pleased to have a “beginner smoker” contacting us. Ago informed us he just started smoking cigar few months ago but had the desire to share his cigar experiences.
It is always great to see new people joining our community and we do not need to be expert to have an opinion on our favourite smokes.

Just like with the few torpedo shapes I have enjoyed, the draw is a bit tighter than a classic shape.
The San Cristobal La Punta draws well with a nice residence all the way until the end. Not too easy not too hard. I enjoyed the smoke coming out without having to pull hard.

As soon as I lit the cigar I really felt lots of flavours. The cigar burn and developed really well all the way nothing there was to mention.
I could leave the cigar on the ashtray for few minutes and did not have to light it again.

The San Cristobal La Punta, develops a great structure on the palate. It is very rich and creamy with a light peppery note. A creamy musk develops half way through the smoke.
Finishing with some woody and Mildly leather notes.

I was very surprised when appreciating the aroma developed by the cigar. Ginger bread type of notes and great burns leather hints.

I really enjoyed this cigar. As a beginner smoker it is not a brand I would have gone for but the shop recommended it to me. Definitely worth a try. It took me 60-80 to smoke it.
The strength was not too strong but the cigar was well present on the palate. I would say medium to full.

Cigar Review – San Cristobal La Punta

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Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Tacos
Size : 158mm X 47
Price : USD 15
More info about purchasing Partagas cigars…

Cigar Rating

Draw : 4 out of 6 stars
Burn : 4 out of 6 stars
Flavour : 5.5 out of 6 stars
Aroma : 4.5 out of 6 stars
strength : 6 out of 6 stars


The Partagas Presidentes is a double figurado shape (double pointed), a very particular shape which immediately catches the attention. It is dressed with a mild brown silky and high quality wrapper, not very oily and modestly veined, and obviously proudly shows the traditional red Partagas band.


This shape is very enjoyable and definitely a good fun smoke, just because of the shape itself the stick will deliver complexity and variation. At first, once lit will be smocking just the wrapper and the binder which are all about spiciness, and then when the cigar will be fully burning will deliver a bomb of rich and intense flavour to the palate.

Easy to cut, with a good combustion makes it easy to smoke and pain free experience.
The ash will stay compact and on the stick for almost half way, with some flaky bits but nothing that will affect the smoke.


The Partagas presidente, as already mentioned, begins with a spicy bomb all over the palate, this is because the very first puffs are just burning the wrapper and the binder.
This change very much when the all head comes on fire, at this point is tangible for anyone that the cigar changes from tight draw fit a spicy sensation to a looser draw much higher density of smoke puffed and a very rich and intense flavour profile, in true Partagas style.

The strength is Full already as it starts and will be constant throughout the cigar with some very intense bits especially as we get closer to the end.

If well-lit the cigar will burn evenly for the entire length and won’t need any lighter work, thanks to the good structure of the cigar perfectly rolled.

The flavour profile is typical of the brand, from sweet spices at the beginning with some vegetal notes as green pepper and hay, to milk chocolate, roasted coffee beans, still vegetable with a hint of cedar wood and leather with a good balance between power, sweetness and a pleasant acidity tingling the tongue.

The second third is a linear consequence of the first keeping the strength level and flavours very similar just getting a bit stronger, but the best is yet to come.

As we get to the final third the cigar is at his peak, intense with very strong notes of dark chocolate, hay, pepper and cedar wood. The flavour profile goes to darker flavour but maintaining the same line.

Overall Experience

The Partagas Presidentes is a very serious smoke. Powerful, well balanced and complex delivers a big deal of flavours to a beautiful experience. It will take a seasoned smoker to be fully enjoyed as it is one of the most intense cigars I ever had.

It is recommended to have it after a good lunch or dinner, great with a digestive or a glass of red wine which share the same power and elegance.

Cigar Review – Partagas Presidentes

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Origin : CubaCuaba
Format : Romeo (large double figurado)
Size : 162 mm (6″4) x 52
Ring : 52
Brand Strength : Medium to Full
Price : ~ € 12,50 / $ 14.00 each
More info about purchasing Cuaba cigars…

Cigar Rating

Draw : 5 out of 6 stars
Burn : 5 out of 6 stars
Flavour : 4 out of 6 stars
Aroma : 4 out of 6 stars
Strength : 6 out of 6 stars

Cuabas are easy to recognise as the brand only produces double figurados cigars. The port folio now holds 5 different sizes. The smaller one may be challenging in terms of draw as they require more skills and attention due to the complex shape. The bigger sizes too but a minor mistake won’t plugged completely the cigar. The distinguidos is the second largest size still in production. The bigger one being the Salomones.

Cigar Tasting

Like for all the double figurados out on the market the first part, where we light the cigar is so thin that the surface of draw is very little. Something you can have the feeling of being plugged because it is hard to pull. It is normal for be patient to reach to widest part of the cigar where the blend will fully express itself.

To start the feeling is very fresh, the first few puffs are tight as expected and a very cool smoke come out. Not much flavours to it, this is because we burn mainly the wrapper and the binder.
It takes quite a lot of time to get to the wide curve to get the cigar to open.Once there, a slight saltiness appears. Straight away you can appreciate the great strength for an after dinner cigar. The cigar has a medium length on the palate. No bitterness so far but a slight acidity reminding you of a citrus notes.

The draw is impeccable. The high density of smoke is very enjoyable, round and thick on the palate.

I really enjoy the aroma, expressing a good quality Cuban. On the palate it’s a bit more shy but we are still at the beginning of the first part. Very citrusy and slightly salty.
So far the ash looks good and solid as you can see on the picture below.

Great burn so far. Sometimes the double figurados can burn funnily right after reaching the widest point because we have puffed too hard to get there. The draw is still great with the right balance between loose and a bit of resistance.

The flavours turn a bit green and the smoke remains very fresh in its feeeling, less round and longer in the palate.

A slight bitterness appear toward the end of the first third. The Cuaba distinguidos is very slow to consume. I am still in the first part after like 35 minutes. Really packed of tobacco.

Arriving half way it is getting very strong. What a powerful cigar! A bit of bitterness appears and the flavours remain herbal.

Nice creaminess and nuttiness arrive in the second part. However still this back of the tongue bitterness persist. The Cuaba distinguidos is definitely what we call a very rich tobacco blend. This is the strongest cigar I smoked in a while.

Towards the end of the second part, a slight nuttiness comes and no more herbal notes. Flavours are rounder and the smoke is felt out to the throat due to the power it develops.

The Last part is very surprising:
Roasted nuts feeling and slightly sweet. Not easy to get the flavours toward the end as the strength increases. Clearly a cigar to enjo after dinner.

Very high density of smoke the blend is much more balanced. Almost no more bitterness and only the nice vegetal notes coming up.
It gets stronger and stronger!

As I was just thinking on leaving the cigar die on the ashtray I blew in it hard and had a puff and a whole new flavour profile appeared. Sweet creamy soft and velvety…

What a complex smoke!!

Cigar Review – Cuaba Distinguidos

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