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Every year, as most cigar publications (online and offline) release their top lists, there’s one list that probably gets more attention than others. Cigar Aficionado, a major cigar magazine, knows how to create a lot of buzz for its controversial “best of”. What do I think about their list? For me, it’s just a list like any other bloggers’ lists out there, i.e. a totally subjective opinion that doesn’t pretend to be the ultimate truth and shouldn’t be considered as such.

Cigar smokers may target="_blank" href="!/Travis_Lindsay/status/155372211866308608" >ask themselves how come the href="" >Alec Bradley Prensado, a definitely good smoke but rarely qualified as exceptional, can earn the #1 spot, but I say why not (congrats, guys!)? For instance, Cigarfan, a highly-respected BOTL, target="_blank" href="" >ranked it as his #2. By the way, his #1 is Cigar Aficionado’s #2. We may also wonder why the CA’s list only has two Cuban cigars, with the href="" >Partagas Serie P No. 2 taking up the 4th spot, is this the right proportion? Not really, at least for me. But everybody is free to determine his/her own proportions and favorites, so like every year I’ll target="_blank" href="" >scan the list, add a couple of smokes to my “gotta try it” basket, and move on.

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href="" >Cigar Aficionado releases their Top 25 cigars of 2011

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