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Origin : CubaTrinidad
Size : 166 x 52
Price : ~$18 each
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Draw : 6 out of 6 stars
Burn : 5 out of 6 stars
Flavour : 5 out of 6 stars
Aroma : 4 out of 6 stars
Strength : 5 out of 6 stars


We have received this great review from a reader who contacted us by email. We wanted to repost it!

Reader Review Trinidad La Trova Review

The Trinidad La Trova is a cigar that I’ve been looking forward to smoking for a long time. After a few purchases with Montefortuna Cigars, they sent one of them for free, so here I am to tell you my experience with such a beast.

1st Part

At first sight, the Trinidad La Trova is a very beautiful cigar. It’s huge (166mm x 52 Ring Gauge). The double band and the pigtail make it look very exclusive.

I love “Pigtail” cigars because I don’t need a cutter and the draw is usually excellent. The last pigtail cigar I smoked was the Cohiba Talisman Limited Edition 2017, which was also excellent.

I take my time to light it, I don’t want to ruin the experience lighting La Trova in a bad way. The first draw is perfect. It’s a medium full cigar. Woody taste and a little bit bitter, but that’s how I like my cigars. I’ve been smoking for 20 years and anything below the medium full spectrum is not something that I usually smoke.

There’s a lot of smoke. I really like that. There is nothing worse than smoking a cigar with a tight draw and no smoke.

2nd Part

Now I’m getting close to the first half. I like it because it’s getting stronger. I’m pairing the Cigar with a Whiskey, not one of the good ones, but I couldn’t resist.

With La Trova I feel the flavours at the back of my palate, near the throat and in the back of my tongue. That’s why I like to pair this type of cigar with Whiskeys to enhance those flavours.

It is turning out to be even better than at the beginning. I’m starting to feel the heat.

3rd Part

After almost an hour I passed the 2nd third. What a lovely cigar. At this point is where I really enjoy the smoke. Strong taste, the heat, and the flavours have developed. It has turned out to be sweeter and the flavours are more present in the tongue rather than at the back of my palate.

I had to remove both bands and surprisingly I didn’t have to light it again. At this stage, I can tell that I’ve enjoyed this cigar from the beginning till the end. Earthly and woody notes came up in the last 2 thirds but still being sweet. Nothing to do with the bitterness from the first draws. I was scared that the development was not going to be satisfactory. But now I understand how premium the Trinidad Cigars are. Apparently, they are as exclusive as Cohiba.
I really hope I transmitted my experience in a clear way, it’s one of the first times that I review a cigar. Definitively recommended.

Cigar Review – Trinidad La Trova (LCDH)

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