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Chuck, Pork and I went fishing on the Susquehanna River 9/3/2011 in York county Pa. We set off to go down by dam and fish a few hours trying to catch a few Flat Head catfish. We got a few miles out and the boat broke down on us. We had to make a decision, on if to fish or flag down one of the few boats out on the water. It rained pretty hard earlier in the day so there were only a few boats out on the water with us. We had live blue gill, live crawfish, and 3 containers of night crawlers…we were not leaving without no fish!! The boat floats, we got smoke, and chips. I did not like the spot were at and I did not think we would find any Flat Heads there. Our 2 fish hooked turned out to be a Flat Head. It looked to be about 10 pds, it got away from Pork, so we will never know. I know this, the 2 flat heads hooked came off worms, not blue gill. I do like using blue gills, because though you may not catch a bunch….whatever hits that pole is 5 pds or better. I have caught allot of Blue Cat’s with blue gill. Well on this day, we had a little tournament, whoever catchs 10 fish first, doesn’t have to row this 2 foot boat back to shore, which is 1 1/2 to 2 miles against the rivers current. Watch how it plays out.

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