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Riverside Lounge House Blend

Origin : NicaraguaRiverside Lounge
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Habano Ecuador
Filler : Nicaragua Corojo 99
Binder : Nicaragua Criollo 98
Price : ~$6

The Riverside Lounge House is a little place you’ll find in Louisville, Kentucky. If you enjoy a relaxing environment with low ambient lighting and a strain of jazz playing in the backdrop, you would probably feel right at home there. At the Riverside Lounge House, you can enjoy a local craft beer, good company and conversation, and your favorite stogie. Riverside also makes their own cigars, and they were kind enough to send me a sampler of their house blend.

Appearance : 5 out of 5 stars
This robusto has an Ecuadorian wrapper with a light golden brown color and a few prominent veins. You can detect a faint oily sheen. I love the band on this stogie; it features the Riverside Lounge House logo, a beautifully detailed graphic of a riverboat. The yellow banners enclosing the logo have an eye-catching effect with the light brown wrapper. Pre-light aroma seems to be some kind of wood.

Construction : 4 out of 5 stars
Draw is nice and open (perhaps too much so) right from the start. The burn is impressively straight. This is a very well-made cigar.

Flavor : 2.75 out of 5 stars (2.75)
This is where I was not as thrilled with the House Blend. The first third is largely cinnamon and something bread-y, against a backdrop of hay and oak. During the middle third, the wood note becomes more prominent, and then the cigar becomes sweet in the final third. Leather becomes very pronounced, and in the last third there is a strong nutty taste. I was not personally a big fan of the flavors, which I found a bit flat, but I can see where this would be highly subjective. If you enjoy grass and hay, leather, and a gentle sweet spiciness, you would probably really like this.

Value : 4 out of 5 stars
The price for the Riverside Lounge House Blend is not bad at all. Since you can purchase these directly from the lounge, the price tag is quite reasonable (around $6.00). With the very nice construction, you can’t argue with that.

Overall Rating : 3.25 out of 5 stars (3.25)
In general, this is a decent cigar for the price. I was not personally a big fan because the flavor profile wasn’t really to my liking, but I can see where others might like it. The construction really is good, though, and the cost is low. If you’re in Louisville and drop by the lounge, you may want to give one a try. The lounge also sells plenty of favorites by popular brands. – the ultimate cigars shopping tool!

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Riverside Lounge House Blend

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Cigar Inn

The Cigar Inn

18 years ago, the Sakih brothers: Billy, Gus and Bass, decided that it was time for them to turn one of their life’s passions into something that everybody could enjoy. That passion of course being cigars. But they didn’t want to put up an ordinary, everyday brick and mortar retail outlet. They wanted to build an experience. The true New York Cigar Experience.

Cigar Inn (web), located at 1016 Second Avenue (between 53rd & 54th), New York, NY 10022 is the premiere hot spot for all cigar aficionados residing in the metro area, or just passing through. From their always fully stocked retail space to their lounge which is sponsored by none other than Cigar Aficionado Magazine, the atmosphere of this top shelf establishment is one of a first class operation.

I have had the honor of speaking with Billy in regards to writing this review, and he was a wealth of knowledge, a gentleman and a businessman who spoke more highly of his customers than I have ever heard any other do. He truly wants to make his clients happy, giving them the very best he can in a cigar smoking experience.

Billy, Gus and Bass Sakih

Billy, Gus and Bass Sakih

The Sakih brothers appreciation of their customers has been immortalized in a very unique way at the The Cigar Inn! They decided to commission an artist who came into the facility every day for 3 months, and discreetly took pictures of the regulars of the Cigar Inn/Cigar Aficionado Lounge. The Sakih brothers then had the artist paint a 4 foot high mural that stretches all the way around the retail area of the store depicting over 350 of Cigar Inn’s patrons happily enjoying their cigars and conversations with other aficionados. Quite an amazing accomplishment, not to mention an incredible display of gratitude.

The Mural

The Mural

Expert cigar advice, a top notch environment, and some of the very best sticks available… that is what you can expect when visiting the Sakih brothers at The Cigar Inn. And speaking of incredible sticks, onto our review of The Cigar Inn House Blend…

The Cigar

A family of three vitolas (a Gran Robusto, a Toro and a Gigante) constructed of Nicaraguan and Honduran long filler, a Honduran binder and a Peruvian Oscuro wrapper. Rolled and then aged for months before shipping. Very appealing to the eye and nose.

Cigar Inn Humidor

It was decided to make this cigar the house brand of Cigar Inn in a slightly different way than is most often the case. Usually a brick and mortar vendor will contact one of the big boys in the industry and buy a blend that they like, having their own label slapped on and voila – house brand. By this method, tobacconists tend to have very similar private labels as other stores due to them all fishing in the same pond. Granted, there is a whole lot of flexibility in their decision on what to use, but in general the best combinations of strain, priming and region are already spoken for and the “scraps” are left to make the best of.

Not the case with the Cigar Inn House Blend. The story behind this cigar is as follows: Three gentlemen came to an event thrown by Cigar Inn at their lounge. These men sat back and enjoyed the festivities of the evening with a very special surprise in tow. A bag of cigars that they brought from their own private factory.

Upon being introduced to Billy, they presented these exclusive sticks to him along with contact information, and the cigars were put into storage and it was back to business as usual… A few weeks later Gus found them and called Billy asking him what the deal was with the cigars. Billy explained, but Gus said to come to the store right away to check them out. As it turns out they were FANTASTIC, and the brothers decided on the spot that this was to be their House Blend.

The Reviews

Normally my Father and I conduct our reviews by smoking the same cigar and comparing our opinions. We handled this review a little differently. First off, we recruited a very close friend and brother of the leaf, Neal Kent. An avid cigar smoker and member of several cigar clubs, Neal was more than happy to assist us in our endeavor. We each chose a vitola, enjoyed these fine smokes, and talked about the qualities we observed and experienced. We then each did our own write-up on the vitola that we chose. And on to the reviews…

The 5 x 60 Gran Robusto, reviewed by Nick, Sr., $8.00 per stick

“No matter how you slice it… this 5 X 60 is a worthwhile encounter.

Impressive was its pre-light aroma and feel. Its texture and oily sheen only heightened my expectations upon applying the torch.

Its first impression proves itself through the lighting phase… and in spades! Noting that this rolled then aged tobacco (prior to shipping) should not disappoint, I proceeded into an eye opening first draw. A brief 5 minutes “in” AND the stick transitioned into a tasty “cool breeze”. The taste encompassed familiar cedar, apple and oak memories. The spice and texture elements simply captured my attention. Just delightful!

Even burn and a solid ash really enhanced the overall experience.

Oh, by the way, remember that “oily sheen” already heretofore mentioned… that very tasty oil enlightened this experience by settling on my lips. Delicious!

Twenty minutes to an hour into it, the draw and flavors improved to a point I did not think possible! Almost like a Rolls Royce driving experience/taste!

Not amazingly, I did not want this cigar smoking experience to end!!”

– Nick, Sr.

The 6 x 56 Toro, reviewed by Neal, $8.00 per stick

“The cigar was beautiful to hold and its pre light wrapper aroma was intoxicating. It was a spicy sweet scent that begged to be held under the nose. This fat toro, was oily, a beautiful dark brown and silky texture with no soft spots…

Construction. No soft spots, perfect burn and held its ash.

The sweet spice so wonderfully enjoyed pre-light continued during the first inch. The cigar produces copious amounts of light grey smoke with a firm ash of similar color. It gives a very smooth finish and when paired with Oban 14 created a creamy long finish, with a pleasant tingle at the front of your tongue… It is a subtle sweetness that is reminiscent of those root beer barrel candies. Quite enjoyable. The cigar seemed to have a bit of extra aging to it as the flavors blended nicely throughout the experience. The cigar developed quickly from light and stayed consistent to the nub.

I think we have all taken our cigar out of the box well in anticipation of the allotted smoking time. We hold it, gesture with it, occasionally sniff it, all with the hope of moving the clock faster to the light up time. This cigar added a new element. The pre-light was as enjoyable as smoking it. So, instead of noting how long the cigar burned, it becomes how long you held it. I hope to have more of these in the box,,, SOON. “

- Neal

The 6 x 60 Gigante, reviewed by Nick, Jr. $9.00 per stick

As we all agreed, regardless of the vitola we were bowled over by the incredible pre-light aroma of this blend. I tried like heck to place the addictive smell but just couldn’t put my finger on what is was. Perhaps hints of maple… regardless, it was fantastic and made it very hard for me to be patient in my waiting to light this Gigante. The construction was flawless, with very few veins and an oily, silky sheen that added to the already awesome aesthetics of the Cigar Inn House Blend.

Upon putting fire to foot, the stick immediately opened up to reveal its semi-sweet profile. Volumes of smoke cascaded through the stick carrying with it not only its lightly sweet undertones, but also a fantastic earthy/woody quality that hugged the pronounced tobacco flavors. Even a touch of citrus was detected.

This profile carried right to the end, with a cool smoke and a firm light grey ash. At times there were brief hints of heavy cedar, coffee and as mentioned in its aroma, maple. The finish was long and creamy with a slight lingering of flavor on the palate. VERY pleasant! This was a fantastic smoke. Without question the best house blend that I have ever had. It ranks way up there with the premium sticks on the market today.

The Conclusion

The conclusion was a simple one to make. We all loved this cigar. A fantastic blend coming from fantastic people at a fantastic establishment! This is a stick that you have to try.

Here’s Wishing You A Long Ash!

The Tollaficionados (+1) – the ultimate cigars shopping tool!

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Cigar Inn (NY): Lounge & house blend review

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Casa Fuente Cigar Store and Lounge Tour

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Cigar reviews AVO Lounge Cigar Toro Cigar Review http This 6×50 stick offers a medium brown lumpy and firm wrapper with minimal veins, invisible seams a triple cap and a rich oily tobacco aroma. First light reveals a firm draw, minimal smoke output but big medium-full body. Flavors are rich, oily earth with a bit of pepper and hot spice on a long earthy finish. The first third develops beautifully in to a slightly musty creamy smooth aged tobacco, with a good bit of cinnamon kick, lasting through the finish. Smoke output increased to a good normal amount and the body stayed near full. 40 min in at the 2nd third transition, flavors dropped most of the cinnamon on the draw and body is a solid medium. Overall it gives a rich, oily, deep flavor experience. Just before the 1/2 point it tunneled a bit and went out prompting a relight. Unfortunately the band was applied with a big glob of glue, taking a chunk of wrapper with it as it was removed. Luckily it did not breach to the binder. 1:45 in the stick started to smoke very hot so I ended it with about 1 1/2″ remaining, just my personal taste. Flavors in the last third pushed more of the licorice and added a touch of warm nuts. Strength wise this is a medium-full stick, giving me jitters and making me a bit light headed for 30 min after filming. Thank you very much to Corona Cigar Company for sending this sample for review! Photography by BG Pictures.

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Michael of “Red Flannel Pride,” gives us a little taste of what they’re all about ::LoL:: What a funny night! Needless to say, a little alcohol was involved this night..

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MyUptownFun Lounge “A Night for the Guys” Wednesday, May 18th – Starting at 6:00pm The 3rd Wednesday of each month the Sunset Club transforms into MyUptownFun Lounge. This is a night catered to guys who enjoy the finer things. Listen to live music while enjoying a bourbon on the rocks and the finest cigars. Bring your business cards for networking opportunities. And Ladies are ALWAYS welcome!! LIVE MUSIC BY RANDY PAUL Drink Specials | Cigar Specials | Free Appetizers Giveaways including Restaurant Gift Cards, Tickets to Sporting Events, Limousine Rentals, Hotel Stays, and more!! RSVP Now to

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